Strip Type Needle Tea Carding Shaping Machine DL-6CLT-8012




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25kgの加工機械によるOolong Teaを終えた

25kgの加工機械によるOolong Teaを終えた

2021-09-28 14:47:40

機械でOOLONG TEAを加工する方法は? Oolong TEAは、プロセスステップが複雑な一種のお茶です。私達の会社は有名なOolong Teaの出身地に位置し、乾燥に至るまで供給機械にあります。お問い合わせを歓迎します。

機械で25kgのFinshied Black Teaを作る方法は?

機械で25kgのFinshied Black Teaを作る方法は?

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Strip Type Needle Tea Carding Shaping Machine DL-6CLT-8012

Strip Needle Type Tea Shaping Machine is characterized by reasonable pot type, easy operation, adjustable temperature and speed. The processed tea stripes are tight and straight, with complete bud, nice strip shape and pretty green color. This machine is suitable for carding and shaping of strip shaped famous tea.

  • Model : DL-6CLT-8012
  • Dimension : 1600×1020×870 mm
  • Voltage : 380/50 V/Hz
  • Heating elememnt : Electric heating wire
  • Total heating power : 24 KW
  • Heating element group : 8 Group
  • Carding groove size : 10×800 mm
  • Carding groove quantity : 12
  • Efficiency per time : 2 kg/time
  • 製品詳細

Needle type tea shaping machine is mainly used for the production of needle-shaped straight stick-shaped tea. In the process of fixation tea, the tea is shaped and made into long stick-shaped needle-shaped tea.
The pot is made of full stainless steel. After high-precision processing, the tea leaves shape produced are full and straight, such as needle-shaped, beautiful in color and full in flavor. It is essential equipment for producing high-end bar tea!


1. This machine is suitable for the strip tooth tea;
2.The use of all stainless steel bar, the pot shape has been rigorously tested, and then fixed mold forming, the tea leaves are determined, round, full, straight like a needle;
3.The use of advanced integrated circuits, time, temperature, swing speed control, at a glance.


Strip Needle Tea Carding Machine is suitable for processing black / green / oolong / white / dark / herbal tea, the following is the working time required for the above tea production.

 Type Of Tea  Working Time
 Black Tea  5-10 Minutes
 Green Tea  5-10 Minutes
 White Tea  5-10 Minutes
 Oolong Tea  5-10 Minutes
 Herbal Tea  5-10 Minutes

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing time shall be determined according to the actual situation.


Needle Tea Carding Machine specification list:

Model DL-6CLT-8012
Dimension 1600×1020×870 mm
Voltage 380/50 V/Hz
Heating elememnt Electric heating wire
Total heating power 24 KW
Heating element group 8 Group
Swing motor Power 1.1 KW
Speed 1400 rpm
Voltage 380 V
Fan motor Power 120 W
Speed 2200 rpm
Voltage 220 V
Reciprocating swinging speed 5-35 rpm
Carding groove size 10×800 mm
Carding groove quantity 12
Efficiency per time 24 kg/h

Specification of all of Needle Strip Tea Shaping Machine.

Model Goove Quantity Heating Type Capacity
DL-6CLT-8005 5 pcs Electric 10 kg/h
DL-6CLT-8007 7 pcs Electric 14 kg/h
DL-6CLT-8010 10 pcs Electric 20 kg/h
DL-6CLT-8012 12 pcs Electric 24 kg/h
DL-6CLT-8016 16 pcs Electric 33 kg/h
DL-6CLT-8018 18 pcs Electric 37 kg/h

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Strip Type Niddle Tea Carding Shaping Machine Factory Supplier
Strip Type Niddle Tea Carding Shaping Machine Factory Supplier
Strip Type Niddle Tea Carding Shaping Machine Factory Supplier
Strip Type Niddle Tea Carding Shaping Machine Factory Supplier
Strip Type Niddle Tea Carding Shaping Machine Factory Supplier


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